Budgens of Holt has sat in the heart of the town since 1985, and joined the CT Baker Group, a local 252 year-old family business, in 2007. The store today has been rebuilt after a devastating fire in 2020, however, our values of local life remain the same. That’s why we believe it’s so important to help create a greener future for generations to come, in and around our local area.

Creating a Greener Future

Digital Ticketing Our electronic shelf labelling system is an environmentally friendly installation to decrease paper production and wastage with each product amendment.

Efficient Energy Doors have been added to our refrigerators throughout the store  to reduce our energy consumption for a more sustainable shopping experience.

Recyclable Packaging Our range of packaging is ethically sourced, and if it’s not reusable, it’s 100% recyclable. Even our Your Rewards loyalty cards are produced from 80% recycled plastics.

EV Charging Stations We are encouraging motorists to go green with dedicated electric charging spaces in our car park. 

Refill Stations Our refill station for every day pantry essentials eliminates the use of single-use plastic each time you fill up your favourite products.

What’s Next? We are constantly considering materials and processes to help create an even greener tomorrow.

Our future is as important as our rich history - over 250 years as a family business in Holt. The technology, materials and packaging we use have been carefully considered to look after our future generations.
Nick Baker
CT Baker Group Managing Director